Student Program

Circular Economy Solutions

Students will explore different existing food packaging options and what changes can be made going forward to implement a circular economy solution. Students will experience a presentation from Bendigo Foodshare to provide real world industry links and community context.

Circular Economy Solutions


1 day


Bendigo Tech School

Learning Program Overview

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Through the process of creating 3D printer filament from milk bottles, students will get hands-on experience of how they can recycle plastic into a new product. Students will then utilise the filament created along with acrylic to create label tags for Bendigo FoodShare crates. The program will provide 3D modelling and vector graphics skills which will enable students to utilise 3D printing and lasercutting for their prototypes.


Main Curriculum Focus:

  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Digital Technologies
  • Personal and Social Learning

Technology Utilised:

  • 3D modelling
  • 3D printing
  • Lasercutting

Student Outcomes:

  • Single use plastics can be minimised by making simple changes.
  • Designing food packaging to be reusable minimises single use plastic production in the long term.
  • Mathematical knowledge and techniques, comparative mathematics, estimation and approximation and applying mathematics. Examples include: Estimate length, distance, quantity and weight in everyday situations, and converting basic units of measurement.
  • Apply simple approximation techniques to reduce/enlarge diagrams and representations of familiar objects.

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